Productivity and Security Hand in Hand

We believe that security and productivity should work together. Our solutions increase employee productivity while making sure we never sacrifice on security.

Companies are People

Your company is built on the people working for you. We understand that and work with your staff, to ensure they can get their work done and enjoy the technology they work on.

Cloud Minded

Using cloud technologies like Office365 means that you don’t have to pay big, upfront licensing costs and that your software never needs to be out of date.

AppRiver Platinum Partner

Bringing Security to Small Business

Many small business owners believe that they won’t be targets of the phishing and hacking attacks that fill the nightly news, but statics are showing that small businesses are getting hit every day and the average cost of each attack is $47,000. Are you protected?

About Us

We are a managed service provider located in Connecticut, offering a modern approach to business technology.


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