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What skeletons are in your business’s closet?

Whether you sell insurance, handle people’s finances, or fix cars, chances are that your business runs on computers. Nowadays almost all businesses use computers, the internet, and phones to run, and the scary part is that most business owners aren’t sure whether or not their most critical data is actually being backed up.

Cage Data’s Network Assessment will give you a view of your business that you may have never seen before, answering questions like like:

  • How many employees that aren’t with the company anymore still have accounts?
  • What computers aren’t running anti-virus software?
  • Are my computers secure when employees work remotely?
  • Are all of my systems up to date?

On top of answering those questions, our reports provide an easy to comprehend score on the risk that your technology poses to the business and recommended fixes to common issues that come up.

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