Critical Mass

September 21st, 2016 Posted by Business, Events 0 thoughts on “Critical Mass”

I started writing this post thinking about using the term “critical mass” and I thought to myself, those word you are using are you sure they mean what you think they mean? (kudos to Inigo Montoya) So I looked it up. Critical Mass is the amount of fissionable material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction. And yes we have come to use it in the business community in regard to the amount of effort needed to sustain a venture.

Frankly, I don’t know if we are starting to reach critical mass or not, but I hope so and the purpose of this posting this week to to let you all know about some of the things that are happening a Cage Data. It’s exciting.

First let me introduce you to a what maybe a new term for you: DevOps. If you don’t know the term let me direct you to our DevOps page on the Cage Data website. You can get there directly by going to Please visit the site because frankly there isn’t enough space in this post to rehash everything you can easily find there, and frankly I don’t feel like doing.

Now that you are familiar with the term, I want to let you know both David Long and Aaron Aldrich are being recognized by the community as “thought leaders”. How did this happen? I’m not really sure. I can’t point to one situation or experience which would reveal how or why. But I am very proud of them. Cage Data prides ourself on our people and I am happy the community at large is starting to recognize we have ideas which can contributed to the industry as a whole.

Take a look, the boys will be, in and out and all about, over the next month or so. If you are in any of these areas, try to attend one of the conferences and hear not only the Cage Data staff but some of the top thought leaders in the DevOps community:

I got tired typing it all out and trying to keep it all straight.

This might have some of you concerned, it shouldn’t. Like me you need to recognize the amazing level of technology and ideas coming from Cage Data. I guess I am blowing our own horn a bit, but when it happens, you need to recognize the accomplishments happening around you.

We are excited about the direction and the technology thought levels coming from the staff at Cage Data. It’s about the people and it is about the level of expertise and dedication they have to their craft which allow us to provide you with outstanding service, support and development.

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