How to export contacts from Office 365

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Office 365 makes a great platform for most of your business’s needs. If you are sending email to a lot of people though, you’ll need to start looking at a mail marketing service, like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. But how do you get all your contacts from Office 365 into your new Mailchimp account? Below are some easy steps to export your contacts into something that can be imported into a mail marketing platform:

Exporting Your Contacts

To start, login to Office 365 at and open your contacts:

  • 1. Sign in
  • 2. Open App list
  • 3. Open People App

In the People app select Manage at the top and then “Export contacts”. Select whether to export all contacts or just a single folder. Microsoft Outlook CSV files can be imported directly into Mailchimp.

  • 4. Select Export Contacts from Manage
  • 5. Put in Export settings

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