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KRACK Attack! Massive vulnerabilities in wifi and easy fixes to keep you safe.

October 20th, 2017 Posted by Security 0 thoughts on “KRACK Attack! Massive vulnerabilities in wifi and easy fixes to keep you safe.”

It sounds like some new blues rock band, but it’s the latest in attacks against wifi technology. I mean, we all knew we weren’t really as safe as we pretended we were; sending data through the air is inherently leaky. That’s why radio works in the first place, but now the measures we thought gave us reasonable security, don’t.


  • A new vulnerability affecting all WPA2 connected clients means an attacker could compromise clients even on password protected wireless networks.
  • This targets client-side systems and is unlikely to affect routers except in bridged mode in some instances.
  • Microsoft has already released a patch in their October 10th security updates.
  • Apple is currently working on a patched release to be released on all MacOS, iOS and tvOS devices. AirPort routers are unaffected.
  • HTTPS and VPNs continue to keep you secure as they always have and provide an effective mitigation technique.


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